Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Samuel got a Turkey

Wednesday morning at about 6:55 Seth Called me and asked me if I wanted to go hunt a turkey, (someone had said that they were too tired), and we went out to the Minot Country Store to ask about the laws (they tag our turkeys).

  After going there twice, and showing them the info from the website, we went out and took all morning looking for a turkey.
We  picked up John and continued hunting, we didn't find a turkey until 11:38  when over at Tory Road.
John spotted a couple in the field, but when we got into where they had been, they had moved up into the upper field.
They had left the upper field when we got there, so Seth went up to the embankment of the third field, and saw one, so after I climbed for three minutes (for a bank that was only 8 feet high) I got into position and shot the turkey.

Here are a couple of pictures

Have a great day.

Sorry for not posting sooner!